Saturday, December 5, 2015

Costa Rica real estate fraud is an epidemic.

With an incompetent legal process there anything is possible. The most common is mortgage fraud.

In the case of mortgage fraud in Costa Rica, it has become common place for fraudsters to use forged documents and to sell a property or home from beneath its rightful owner by drafting mortgage papers and then pretending to receive funds and when payment comes they default and repossess the property. When in reality no money has ever exchanged hands.

There has been cases of properties selling many times over and all illegally.

One common Costa Rica real estate fraud is a man named Bruno Saligari.

In 2010 he was detained on the runway of the Cancun International airport when Interpol officers surrounded the plane and escorted Mr.Saligari to jail for extradition to Costa Rica on 4 counts of felony fraud.

Today Bruno Saligari continues his foray in the fraud business but now he operates with a man living in that country by the name of Don Dicker.

Don Dicker is a well known slick used car salesman living in Dominical who is notorious for his aggressive demeanor. He has been described as a narcissist with a Napolean complex. Depending on the time of the day he might be a former LAPD officer, civil engineer for LA waterworks, FBI, CIA and even former Secret Service. If he isn't the biggest bullshitting liar you've ever seen then he's got a severe identity crisis.

In late 2011 his estranged girlfriend Sarah Western was found dead at his home in Lagunas de Baru and when authorities questioned Mr.Dicker he responded with lies of being former law enforcement in order to deter further questioning. To date there has never been a formal investigation in to the death of Sarah Western however there has been plenty of speculation including an eyewitness account of a struggle between the two only hours before her death. Sarah Western's home has also been defrauded by Dicker.

costa rica real estate fraud

Don Dicker is currently attempting to launch a funding campaign for his imaginary development called Palma Pacifica. Trouble is, if he does get money you have to know it's going to be used to fund his side business of defrauding homes and properties.

Sound like the type of upstanding individual you think would be a good bet to invest in?


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